Live studio in your casino


Casino Adviser offers turnkey solution which includes all works required to start streaming live games from your land-based casino. 

This solution gives an opportunity to thousands of players from around the globe to play live games at your land-based casino tables. It will give a chance for online players to feel the unique atmosphere of your land-based casino. More real experience of online playing is impossible to imagine. All this will bring you players' trust maximization, casino brand reinforcement, greater attention from players to real casino, hudge revenue opportunities from both online and land-based players and even more. 

Our team of professionals will undertake all necessary works started from preparation of business plan to training delivery. 

Package of services includes:

  •   Preparation of business plan, budgeting;
  •   Functional strategies generation and analysis;
  •   Choice of software provider and equipment supplier;
  •   Organization and coordination of all works and processes, system integration;
  •   Legal backing, IT support, marketing, branding, advertising planning etc.


  •   Project uniqueness
  •   High revenue from both online and  offline players
  •   Increase in land-based casino  attendance and profits
  •    Land-based casino brand  reinforcement 


  •  Significant investments
  •   Additional operating expenses 
  •  Permanent equipment maintenance
  •   Medium-term project

White Label casino

Online casino within a short time

Turnkey solution includes all services you need to set up your own white label casino - the choice of software provider, branding, development of advertising campaign, legal backing,  IT support, payment processing etc. 

Live studio in casino

Online studio in your land-based casino

Services package contains the choice of the most appropriate software, equipment, organization and coordination of all works, system integration, payments processing, advertising, IT support, branding, legal backing, training and other support you need. 

Own online studio

Live casino studio setting up

Complex of services involves all works necessary for own live casino studio setting up. Preparatory works, choice of software, equipment, organization and coordination of all activities, system integration, branding, advertising, IT support, legal backing etc.  

Other services

From the company Casino Adviser

Comprehensive approach to online casino setting up and successful operation. Preparation of business plan, business optimization, IT support, legal backing, branding and rebranding, marketing, advertising, acquisition of gambling licence and other services.

Casino Adviser

Company offers three turnkey solutions including all services you need to open an online casino and Live Dealer casino which are the fastest growing  and most attractive gambling industry sectors today. Complex of services includes a choice of  the most appropriate software, broadcast equipment, as well as all project management and coordination of works, system integration, branding, development of an advertising campaign and other activities required depending on type of project being implemented. 

Additionally Casino Adviser provides certain type of services associated with online casino setting up and successful operation. List of services includes preparation of business plan, budgeting, legal backing, IT support, branding, marketing and other support you need. 

Our mission is to deliver full range of services associated with online gambling industry effectively and efficiently for the aim of maximizing client's profit.  

Casino Adviser means professionalism and experience, risk minimization, cost and time saving.